About Us

Rikayaa Group exist to serve the globe with it's state of the art Recycling & Re-use techniques.

Decades of Experience

With more than 45 years of accumulated experience in the metal recycling and manufacturing industries, it is easy to see our commitment to excellence which stood the test of time through four generations.

Customer Priority

Our commitment to quality recycling and end product value is only matched by our dedication to serving every customer with the utmost transparency, attention, and respect.

Better Future

We continue to value this legacy and dedicate our efforts to continuing the same path of excellence far into the future.

Worldwide Industries

Today, we still stand for the traditional values that fueled the company growth and allows us to serve worldwide industries.

Learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and what we promise to every customer.

Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited (REPL) operates two units :-

1) Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh, India.

2) Samba, Jammu, India.

They handle a wide variety of metal scraps including Copper, Brass, Steel Alloys and Aluminum.

Rikayaa Greentech Private Limited (RGPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited (REPL).

Its operation exists in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and focuses on import recycling, and refining of Tin and Lead materials.

Director's Message

Mr. Yash Gupta founded Rikayaa Group in the year 2020 and has worked tirelessly to continue its growth into new markets on a global scale. This includes new material handling in Three different units across the country that focus on different metal types in the recycling industry.

Recycling is not only a business, it is service to the environment, society and future generations. 50 years from now, more than 90% of metals and or plastics would be obtained from recycling. Eying the future and sustainability, Rikayaa group is focused on doing and growing recycling business. The group is always open to investing in new technologies and venture into unexplored domains in recycling. The group has grown rapidly and is standing on a solid base with an aspiration to become the largest recycling company in the world.

Key of Success

It takes more than quality recycling and production services to make an organization like Rikayaa Group successful.

Strong Director

It takes a strong director with skills in negotiation, communication, and inspiration to connect with other industry leaders in a mutually beneficial way.

Skills & Knowledge

Mr. Yash Gupta dedicates his time and energy to learning and understanding all legal, technical, and regulatory requirements not just in India but from prospective sources around the world.

Market Growth

This allows Rikayaa to continue its expansion in the global market and make the type of impact on the industry that we have been honored to make for the past decades.


Rikayaa could not have found its current level of success without keeping firm focus on our vision for the future. Our goal is to become India’s most prominent recycling facility with the ability to serve the world in its quest for more sustainable future no matter what industry or niche your firm represents.

This takes continuous compliance all laws and regulations, a set of quality standards that exceed international acceptance, and the intention to invest in new technologies, systems, equipment, and learning opportunities to constantly improve what we have to offer.


As agile as we remain in the ever-changing recycling and metallurgical industry, our mission to provide excellence with every project remains firm. This extends to a low carbon footprint process allows us to operate in a greener manner then the industry allows.

We balance customer satisfaction for individual products and projects with internal goals to be an example of innovation and environmental and social consciousness for the world.


Without dedication to core values held here at Rikayaa Enterprises, we would not be able to enjoy the success and continued growth of our business. Current employment numbers rise above 7000 people, and we understand how essential our commitment is to their support and well-being.

We value a family-oriented mindset, a focus on delivering results beyond stakeholder satisfaction, and a firm dedication to protecting and supporting sustainability and eco-friendly practices for our green Earth.

Core Competencies

Rikayaa’s skills and experience extend far beyond simple recycling and trading of non-ferrous metals and alloys.

In conjunction with our values and goals, we focus on a variety of strategic strengths including creative problem-solving skills for the world’s metal industry businesses, technical advancement and commitment to improving digital security and capabilities.

True agility in the face of an ever-changing world economy, and exceptional communication and collaboration with every customer, regulatory organization, and the public.

Rikayaa Staff

Innovation, speed, quality assurance, and smart growth strategies set us apart from the competition. We have proved that these core competencies offer essential strengths to fuel our continued growth.

The professional Team at Rikayaa Enterprises is pleased to offer you our very best and will continue to raise expectations today and far into the future.