The 3 Operational Units Offer a Wide Range of Non-Ferrous Metal Products.

Each type of finished Metal product goes through very stringent quality assurance steps in order to ensure the highest purity & quality.

Wide Variety of Non-Ferrous Metals.

Reliable Source

With our multi-products manufacturing units we are able to call ourselves one of the largest manufacturers of Recycles Non-Ferrous metals in India with a capacity to Re-Process & Produce 25,000 Tonnes of material per annum.

Recycling Opportunities

Any Organization that produces any kind of metal scrap from their production activities or work services can look to us for lucrative recycling opportunities.

Types of Processing

Metal processing is a broad term that can refer to a variety of different activities. Cable & Wire processing, for example, refers to the recycling of these scrap products in order to obtain pure Copper/Lead/Aluminium in addition to the PVC extracted.

Industry Growth

This industry is growing rapidly as consumers become more interested in sustainable practices and recyclable materials, which leads to the development of new ways to recycle products and reduce waste. The metal processing industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging every day.

Pure Copper & PVC Granules

The primary focus of Rikayaa’s Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh unit involves recycling various Cable & Wire scrap.

Rikayaa recycles all types of cables & wires including Insulated Copper Wires, Aluminum Cables, Marine Cables ,Armoured Cables, Steel Alloy Cables, Telecommunications Cables, and more.

We also recycle imported scrap from a variety of sources including scrap as per ISRI Berry, Candy, and Birch/Cliff.

Pure LME Grade Lead & Tin Ingots

The primary focus of Rikayaa’s wholly owned subsidiary, Rikayaa Greentech Private Limited in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh unit involves recycling & smelting of various lead & lead alloy scraps.

Rikayaa Greentech recycles all types of Lead & Lead alloy scrap including Remelted Lead Ingots, Lead-Acid Battery Scrap, Reda & Relay Cables etc.

We are also one of the largest importers for such scrap from around the globe.

Aluminium Strips, Sheets, Foils & Blister Packaging.

The primary focus of Rikayaa’s Samba, Jammu unit involves manufacturing of Aluminium Strips, Sheets, Foils & Blister Packaging.

Rikayaa’s Jammu unit focuses on manufacturing of Aluminium rolled products upto 30 Microns on thickness which is rarely seen in Aluminium.

We are having a state of the art machinery of United & Fata Hunter which are one of the leaders of rolling mills in the world.

PVC Products

PVC Granules

Rikayaa is one of the largest recyclers of PVC and it’s compounds and generates about 500 Tonnes per month of PVC granules.

Recovering & Reprocessing

We aim at recycling PVC by manufacturing PVC products from the recycled granules obtained in our processes. 

PVC Usage

  • Plastic mats
  • Plastic Floorings
  • Automotive industry
  • Road safety
  • Footwear industry
  • Cables
  • Pipes
  • Plastic Clothes